Network Info

Bandwidth Technologies (AS25369) operates a low-latency, geographically redundant BGP network that spans multiple UK data centres to provide scalability and resiliency, while safeguarding client service levels.

At the edge, our network is serviced by Juniper MX (480 / 80) generation two Trio routers connected to LINX and LONAP peering exchanges as well as multiple tier one carriers including Telia and GTT/nLayer/Tinet at a minimum of 10Gbps. Our dual IPv4/IPv6 stack topography encompasses over 300 BGP sessions and connects with all major UK ISPs including BT, Virgin Media, SKY, many large European ISPs and even further afield.

At the core, we employ a mix of Juniper EX 4200 and EX4550 virtual chassis’ directly to connected to the edge at a minimum of 10Gbps. From our core sites, we offer 1/10Ge waves services over 40ch DWDM mux/demux units in addition to premium IP transit and Metro Ethernet services.

Network Map